Wooden panels are boards of different profiles and dimensions, made of dry wood. Panels are used for finishing of outdoor, indoors walls, ceilings. Wood materials were started to use as decoration of interior and exterior of houses long time ago. People were trying to cover cold stone walls and make them warmer and cozier. Wood was perfect material for that purpose.  This is how wooden panels were found and started to use. Even today wood, because of its characteristics, is valued material for house finishing– it is natural, long lasting, easily renewing

SWEDISH QUALITY FOR AVAILABLE PRICE. Prices for panels starts from 5,50 €/m2., every client will find product, which will fit for him. Swedish manufacturer Lundgren AB Hyvleri is producer of indoor and outdoor panels, which we offer. This manufacturer provides European and Asian market customers. Panels are made by automated woodworking equipment lines. Big volumes of panels are produced by automatized manufacture that is why these Swedish high-quality products have competitive prices even for Baltic countries customers.  You can see here manufacture process of panels.

JSC Medenis sells indoor and outdoor panels for small clients and for big ones, arranges delivery of goods.

HIGH QUALITY WOOD. JSC “Medenis” offers outdoor and indoor wall’s wooden panels. It is natural, high quality ecological product used for indoor and outdoor wall’s decoration. Panels are made of slowly growing Scandinavian spruce and pine. Close to Arctic, where are harsh climate conditions, trees grow very slowly, the structure of wood is formed slowly as well, forming a dense wood pores, small branches. Such wood raw material is stronger and more durable, more resistant to environmental effects, have smaller branches and uniquely beautiful structure. The products, produced of the Arctic Circle tree’s wood, is very good investment choosing home decoration materials, especially for outdoor finishing.

MANY YEARS OF MANUFACTURE EXPIERENCE AND TRADITIONS, HIGH QUALITY REQUIREMENTS. Our main partner and manufacturer of panels is Swedish company Lundgren Hyvleri AB, which has old traditions of manufacture. This family-owned company started its business in 1973 and through over 40 years of experience they improved production of wood panels. Now quality of their product is personal responsibility and honor of each employee.

WOOD PANELS AS DESIGN ELEMENT. JSC „Medenis“ interior and exterior wood panels are made of voriuos profiles. They fit perfectly for traditional, classic or modern home design decisions. Wood panels creates a sense of comfort to any interior.

ADVANTIGES OF TECHNICAL INSTALLATION. Most of the panels have slots at the ends and sides of panels, so both, the exterior and interior panels, are easily mounted. It can be connected along despite their allotment or lengths, there is no residues, also fastening material are saved.

PACKAGING. Both the exterior and interior paneling are packed of 6 -10 tables in termotape package.  Termotape protects panels from moisture and mechanical damage during transportation.

FLEXIBILITY. We have wide assortment of panels with different profiles and dimensions. Ordering more than 300 m2 of panels, the manufacturer can produce the profile according to the customer’s request.